Green Cleaning for Home or Office

Cape Cod Green House Cleaning professionals take pride in providing a healthier alternative to traditional cleaning! Green cleaning should be about protecting health without harming our environment. Our Green Cleaning solutions offer a safe effective approach in disinfecting whether used in your home, office, or public area. In order to begin the process we must start by removing surface soil, which can lead to harboring bacteria. Getting at the root of the problem with our Green Seal Certified cleaning products, minimizes the chance of any cross contamination.


We realize that using non-toxic cleaning products greatly improves indoor air quality. A home, office, or public area cleaned on a regular basis, disinfecting those specific areas where there is a likelihood of harmful bacteria transferred from one person onto the next, can assist in preventing disease.

We offer competitive pricing, even though we know our green "equipment" costs more, than the traditionally known house cleaning company. We don't sacrifice quality and neither should you; in fact, using our services you don't have to invest any extra money to begin the first step in green cleaning. We believe that higher quality and greater durability is more cost-effective in the end. Thus, the reasons we have chosen the products we use and Dyson vacuum cleaners. Dyson equipment provides high-efficiency filtration, to capture microscopic materials and allergens, where traditional vacuum cleaners push them into your environment.

By discussing the importance of hygiene and environmentally sound green cleaning for our health, we begin to prevent and protect the health of everyone around us. We believe that every family should protect themselves from harsh chemicals and toxic fumes whenever possible. You can begin the process today at home or in the office by picking up the telephone now and setting up an appointment to meet with one of our Cape Cod Green House Cleaning professionals.

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